What is ENQUIRE Edit

Enquire was a software program written by Tim Berners-Lee when

he worked for CERN. This software had the intentions of being the predecessor to the World Wide Web. Enquire used a type of hypertext program that shared some of the same ideas seen in the semantic web. Enquire used a type of pages called cards which had hypertexts within cards. The creator could see links between cards of different types. Everybody could add new cards to an already existing card.


The Failure of ENQUIRE Edit

Tim Berners-Lee recognized that ENQUIRE was limited to the amount of accessibility users had to the system. There was a need that people can create independent cards from an already existing category, and that this could be done without updating the links to other cards. Progress on ENQUIRE was stopped when Tim Berners-Lee gave away the disc to Robert Cailliau who suspects the disc has been since overwritten.

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