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Throughout the development of the web many people have seen it grow and change into the internet as we know it today. One of the most incredible aspects of the web is how it is personalized for each and every person. This is called the personalized web which takes users previous information and pulls up more results more relevant to the person. While this method is also a very useful tool it also has given rise to what people now call a filter bubble which hides information that is finds irrelevant to you.

The Personalized WebEdit


The personalized wed acquires user information through a wide array of different services for example email, personal calendar, shopping habits and many more like it. The program then takes all the information it gathers and tailors search results to thing that each specific user finds more relevant this is the basis for the personalized web.

This system is not used solely for search engines social media companies like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram use the personalized web model to bring up articles in a persons news feed that are more consistent to what they take an interest in while blocking others. While this is a very effective use for searching when it comes to other things the personalized web may be a hindrance.

Filter Bubble Edit


Visual representation of the filter bubble by [ ]

While having a personalize web may seem like a great use for a user to acquire relevant information when it comes to other aspects like news and politics having a one sided view of things create what is known as a filter bubble. A filter bubble is when a users personal and other relevant information is the only information shown and all others are left out creating a very specific web viewing experience.

Looking Ahead Edit

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Looking into the future of search and filtering the trend continues to lean towards a more personalized search experience. Although some people are beginning to fear search engines now have too much information about them and fear for the privacy and security for their personal data.

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