The Semantic Web Edit


The Semantic Web is an extension of the World Wide Web that allows people to share content beyond the boundaries of applications and websites. More importantly, the Semantic Web has inspired and engaged many people to create innovative semantic applications and technologies.

Society and the Semantic WebEdit

In today's society we rely heavily on the semantic web but as we continue using it problems begin to arise. The problem is that as we advance the use and applications of the semantic web more and more we give more information and privacy of our lives. These issues arise at each new advancement of the semantic web, the question of how much information and privacy do individuals lose with all the new and more personal applications.

Information and Privacy Edit

With the web quickly becoming apart of every aspect of daily life the more and more personal information is given to companies and developers. The use of this information is a subject people have been debating about since the arrival of the semantic web, as it stands now the information gathered is usually sold for advertising other uses.


Looking Forward Edit

As we continue to advance the web and the technologies we use to integrate them more and more into our lives we come across the same issue of having to sacrifice information and privacy to advance and improve a more personal semantic web experience.

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