The web aims to connect users world-wide.

What is the World Wide Web (WWW)Edit

The World Wide Web is an interconnected network that allows users to interact with a web browser where they can view web pages that may contain specific elements such as text, videos, and other types of multi-media. Users are able to navigate between different web elements using hyperlinks. The web was designed to be a large-scale source for human knowledge and culture, allowing individuals in different areas of the world the ability to send files directly.

Who invented WWWEdit

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Tim Berners-Lee was the mind behind the original version of the World Wide Web. While he introduced the original web that people today know and love in 1989, he still focuses his work on ways to improve and assist the users who interact with it. Tim Berners Lee is still the head of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). Through the suggestion of his colleagues, Berners-Lee introduced the usage of  Hyper Text to link and access information of various kinds on the web.

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Functionality Edit

The world wide web uses HTML to format the webpages that users interact with. HTML web pages use Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) to format and style the layout of web pages. Most of the webpages on the World Wide Web use English language, while some foreign languages such as Russian, Spanish, and Chinese are present as well.

Future of the Web Edit

While the web has found ways for individuals to interact with each other and the files that are uploaded to the web, there is a rise in the issue of things such as

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Percentage of online users in the world.

Individuals do not read into the sources of web articles, and while anyone can upload information to the web, it needs to be moderated. User information is always being tracked, and most individuals don’t exactly know to what extent their information has been gathered. There needs to be better ways to increase the protection for these users who put so much of their own personal information online.

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